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1Acetate98件: 11c-acetate; 2-(2-(2-amino-9h-purin-9-yl)ethyl)-1,3-propanediol diacetate ester; 20mg/0.5ml glatiramer acetate; 40 mg glatiramer acetate; 90 mg hydrocortisone acetate suppository with sephure suppository applicator; Abiraterone acetate; Acetate; Bazedoxifene acetate; Betamethasone sodium phosphate/betamethasone acetate (celestone® soluspan®), 30 mg im once a day for four days; Caspofungin acetate; Combination product: twice daily 90 mg hydrocortisone acetate suppository administered with sephure applicator; Conventional glucocorticoids (immediate release hydrocortisone, cortisone acetate, prednisone, prednisolone, dexamethasone); Cortisone acetate; Cosyntropin acetate; Cyclophosphamide/glatiramer acetate; Delmitide acetate; Depot leuprolide acetate 3.75 mg; Desmopressin acetate; Desmopressin acetate trihydrate; Device: cellulose acetate with petrolatum; Dichloroacetate; Dichloroacetate sodium; Dirucotide acetate; Edratide acetate; Etiprednol dicloacetate; Experimental glatiramer acetate; Flecainide acetate; Glatiramer acetate; Glatiramer acetate (copaxone®); Glatiramer acetate (db); Glatiramer acetate (ga); Glatiramer acetate (ga) 40 mg; Glatiramer acetate (gtr); Glatiramer acetate (ol); Glatiramer acetate 150mg enteric coated tablets; Glatiramer acetate 150mg enteric-coated (gastro-resistant) tablets; Glatiramer acetate 20 mg; Glatiramer acetate 20 mg, with mitoxantrone; Glatiramer acetate 20 mg/0.5 ml; Glatiramer acetate 40 mg; Glatiramer acetate [ga]; Glatiramer acetate injection with oral cetirizine hydrochloride; Glatiramer acetate with minocycline; Glatiramer acetate, (copaxone®); Glatiramer acetate, ifn-beta 1a (im), ifn-beta 1a (subcutaneous), and ifn-beta 1b; Glatiramer acetate, n-acetylcysteine; Gonadorelin acetate and triptorelin acetate; Human interferon beta-1a and glatiramer acetate; Hydrocortisone acetate; Hydrocortisone sodium acetate; L-lysyl-d-prolyl-l-threonine acetate; L-lysyl-d-prolyl-lthreonine acetate, lyophilisate; Lanreotide acetate; Lapaquistat acetate and current lipid-lowering treatment; Leuprolide acetate (la); Leuprolide acetate 11.25 mg; Leuprolide acetate 3 month depot; Leuprolide acetate 30 mg; Leuprolide acetate 45 mg; Leuprolide acetate depot; Leuprorelin acetate; Leuprorelin acetate 3.75mg injection; Loestrin (norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol); Loestrin 1.5/30 (1.5 mg norethindrone acetate/30 µg ethinyl estradiol); Luphere depot 3.75mg(leuprolide acetate 3.75mg); Lupron (leuprolide acetate); Macimorelin acetate; Megestrol acetate; Megestrol acetate tablet; Methylprednisolone acetate; Nomegestrol acetate; Octreotide acetate; Oxaloacetate (oaa); Phosphate and betamethasone acetate, 2 ml.; Plovamer acetate; Plovamer acetate 0.5 milligram (mg); Plovamer acetate 10 mg; Plovamer acetate 20 mg; Plovamer acetate 3 mg; Prednisolone acetate; Prednisone acetate; Prednisone acetate tablets; Procedure: warm compress prior to injection of glatiramer acetate; Sodium acetate; Sodium-[o-[(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-amino]- phenyl]-acetate; Sodium-[o-[(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-amino]-phenyl]-acetate; Sotrastaurin (inn) acetate; Tetracosactide acetate; Tetracosactide hexaacetate; Tocopherol acetate; Tocopheryl acetate; Triptorelin acetate and gonadorelin acetate; Ulipristal acetate; Zinc acetate; Zinc acetate (20mg/d); Zinc acetate dihydrate; Zuretinol acetate; [n-trans-3-hexenoyl] human growth hormone releasing factor (1-44) acetate; - - - 43件:  1 ,  2 ,  6 , 10, 13, 35, 40, 46, 49, 51, 60, 64, 67, 70, 71, 73, 75, 76, 78, 79, 81, 83, 85, 86, 88, 90, 96, 97, 113, 145, 156, 162, 171, 206, 222, 224, 225, 227, 235, 265, 288, 298, 299 💬
2Acetic acid C-11-- - - 3件: 13, 86, 88 💬
3Ambrisentan11件: Ambrisentan; Ambrisentan - high dose; Ambrisentan - low dose; Ambrisentan 5 mg; Ambrisentan 5 mg film-coated tablets; Ambrisentan 5mg film-coated tablets [marketed product]; Ambrisentan plus spironolactone; Ambrisentan tablet; Bosentan, ambrisentan; Tadalafil and ambrisentan upfront combination therapy; Volibris® (ambrisentan); 1件: D07077 💬 1件: EDNRA 💬 7件: Calcium signaling pathway, Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, Pathways in cancer, Renin secretion, Vascular smooth muscle contraction, cAMP signaling pathway, cGMP-PKG signaling pathway 7件: 51, 84, 85, 86, 88, 210, 211 💬
4Ammonia4件: 13n-ammonia; Ammonia; Radiation: cardiac pet imaging using f-18-fdg, n-13 ammonia( nh3); Radiation: pet/ct scan: two pet scans using 1. c-11 hed and 2. n-13 ammonia or rubidium-82; 1件: D02916 💬 - - 4件:  6 , 17, 86, 88 💬
5Atorvastatin9件: Atorvastatin; Atorvastatin 10mg; Atorvastatin 20mg; Atorvastatin calcium; Atorvastatin tablet 20 mg; Interferon beta treatment to add-on atorvastatin treatment; Interferon beta-1b/atorvastatin group; Lisinopril, losartan, and atorvastatin; Untreated to atorvastatin treatment; 3件: D00258
D07474 💬
1件: HMGCR 💬 4件: AMPK signaling pathway, Bile secretion, Metabolic pathways, Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis 17件: 13, 46, 49, 51, 58, 63, 79, 84, 88, 93, 96, 160, 222, 225, 265, 271, 299 💬
6Bisphenol A-- - - 1件: 88 💬
7Bosentan18件: Bosentan; Bosentan (tracleer); Bosentan 125 mg; Bosentan 62.5 mg; Bosentan administration; Bosentan and sildenafil; Bosentan group; Bosentan monohidrato; Bosentan monohydrat; Bosentan monohydrate; Bosentan mylan; Bosentan, ambrisentan; Device: nirs after bosentan administration; Device: tcd after bosentan administration; Duo-therapy with sildenafil + bosentan; Era and pde-5i (sildenafil, tadalafil, bosentan, macitentan); Sildenafil 20mg and bosentan 62.5mg; Sildenafil singly or in association with bosentan; 2件: D01227
D07538 💬
2件: EDNRA, EDNRB 💬 9件: Calcium signaling pathway, Melanogenesis, Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, Pathways in cancer, Relaxin signaling pathway, Renin secretion, Vascular smooth muscle contraction, cAMP signaling pathway, cGMP-PKG signaling pathway 11件: 13, 41, 47, 51, 84, 85, 86, 88, 210, 211, 212 💬
8Cysteine17件: Acetylcysteine; Acetylcysteine effervescent tablets; Cysteine; Cysteine hydrochloride; Glatiramer acetate, n-acetylcysteine; Intravenous and oral n-acetyl cysteine; Jaktinib dihydrochloride monohydrate 50mg bid and mimic tablets of jakitinib hydrochloride 75mg bid and acetylcysteine effervescent tablets; Jaktinib dihydrochloride monohydrate 75mg bid and mimic tablets of jakitinib hydrochloride 50mg bid and acetylcysteine effervescent tablets; N acetyl cysteine; N acetylcysteine; N-acetyl cysteine; N-acetyl cysteine (nac); N-acetyl-cysteine; N-acetylcysteine; N-acetylcysteine (nac); N-acetylcysteine capsule; N-acetylcysteine, (nac); 2件: D00026
D02326 💬
- - 11件:  6 , 13, 19, 34, 84, 85, 88, 90, 254, 296, 310 💬
9D-glucose3件: 2-deoxy-2 [f-18] fluoro-2-d-glucose; D-glucose; [18f]fluoro-2-deoxy-2-d-glucose; 1件: D00009 💬 - - 3件: 49, 86, 88 💬
10Dextrose, unspecified form-- - - 18件:  2 ,  6 , 13, 49, 50, 56, 60, 65, 70, 75, 86, 88, 96, 160, 195, 254, 257, 299 💬
11Edoxaban1件: Edoxaban; 2件: D09546
D09710 💬
1件: F10 💬 1件: Complement and coagulation cascades 2件: 46, 88 💬
12Fludeoxyglucose4件: Fludeoxyglucose; Fludeoxyglucose f 18; Fluorine (18f) fludeoxyglucose; Radiation: fludeoxyglucose f 18; 1件: D01843 💬 - - 4件: 34, 84, 85, 88 💬
13Gadobenic acid-2件: D04283
D08018 💬
- - 3件: 13, 86, 88 💬
14Imatinib7件: Bevacizumab (avastin) and imatinib mesylate (gleevec); Imatinib; Imatinib mesilate; Imatinib mesilato; Imatinib mesylate; Imatinib mesylate (gleevec); Imatinib mesylate 400mg capsule; 2件: D01441
D08066 💬
3件: ABL1, KIT, PDGFRA 💬 31件: Acute myeloid leukemia, Axon guidance, Breast cancer, Calcium signaling pathway, Cell cycle, Central carbon metabolism in cancer, Choline metabolism in cancer, Chronic myeloid leukemia, EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance, Endocytosis, ErbB signaling pathway, Focal adhesion, Gap junction, Glioma, Hematopoietic cell lineage, Human cytomegalovirus infection, JAK-STAT signaling pathway, MAPK signaling pathway, Melanogenesis, Melanoma, MicroRNAs in cancer, Neurotrophin signaling pathway, PI3K-Akt signaling pathway, Pathogenic Escherichia coli infection, Pathways in cancer, Phospholipase D signaling pathway, Prostate cancer, Rap1 signaling pathway, Ras signaling pathway, Regulation of actin cytoskeleton, Viral myocarditis 12件: 13, 28, 34, 35, 46, 51, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 162 💬
15Iodine2件: Iodine; Radiation: computed tomography lung subtraction iodine mapping; 1件: D00108 💬 - - 3件: 28, 46, 88 💬
16Macitentan15件: Act-064992 (macitentan); Era and pde-5i (sildenafil, tadalafil, bosentan, macitentan); Fdc macitentan/tadalafil; Macitentan; Macitentan (act-064992); Macitentan 10 mg; Macitentan 10 mg tablet, once daily.; Macitentan 10mg; Macitentan 3 mg; Macitentan 37.5 mg; Macitentan 3mg; Macitentan 75 mg; Macitentan group; Macitentan tablets; Opsumit (macitentan); 1件: D10135 💬 2件: EDNRA, EDNRB 💬 9件: Calcium signaling pathway, Melanogenesis, Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, Pathways in cancer, Relaxin signaling pathway, Renin secretion, Vascular smooth muscle contraction, cAMP signaling pathway, cGMP-PKG signaling pathway 5件: 51, 85, 86, 88, 210 💬
17Oxygen39件: Behavioral: respiratory and exercise therapy with supplemental oxygen; Combination product: hyperbaric oxygen therapy-; Continuous oxygen; Device: auto-titrating oxygen system; Device: capacity of muscular oxygen extraction; Device: high flow nasal oxygen cannula; Device: hyperbaric oxygen; Device: intermittent exposure to oxygen via oro-nasal mask; Device: nocturnal oxygen , nocturnal bi-level positive pressure ventilation; Device: oxygen; Device: oxygen saturation; Device: standard oxygen therapy/ra; Diagnostic test: maximum oxygen uptake; Helium / oxygen mixed gas inhalation therapy; Medical air vs oxygen; Medical grade oxygen; Nitric oxide plus oxygen; Other: 60% oxygen; Other: air - oxygen; Other: hyperbaric oxygen; Other: hyperbaric oxygen therapy; Other: muscle oxygenation; Other: optional blood-oxygen-level dependent functionalmri; Other: oxygen; Other: oxygen (2liter/min); Other: oxygen (4liter/min); Other: oxygen - air; Other: oxygen supplementation; Oxygen; Oxygen 40 %; Oxygen supplementation; Oxygen, liquid; Perfluorinated gas/oxygen mixture; Procedure: hyperbaric oxygen; Procedure: hyperbaric oxygen therapy; Procedure: long term oxygen therapy; Procedure: oxygen flow at the optic nerve head measurement; Procedure: supplemental oxygen via a mask; Standard analgesia use [oxygen]; 1件: D00003 💬 - - 18件:  6 , 13, 19, 46, 49, 70, 84, 85, 86, 88, 90, 96, 97, 193, 226, 294, 299, 330 💬
18Riociguat14件: Adempas (riociguat, bay63-2521); Riociguat; Riociguat (adempas, bay63-2521); Riociguat (bay63-2521); Riociguat coated tablet 0.5 mg; Riociguat coated tablet 1.0 mg; Riociguat coated tablet 1.5 mg; Riociguat coated tablet 2.0 mg; Riociguat coated tablet 2.5 m; Riociguat coated tablet 2.5 mg; Riociguat granules 0.3% for oral application; Riociguat oral product; Riociguat oral tablet; Riociguat pill; 1件: D09572 💬 3件: GUCY1A1, GUCY1A2, GUCY1B1 💬 11件: Circadian entrainment, Gap junction, Long-term depression, Metabolic pathways, Oxytocin signaling pathway, Platelet activation, Purine metabolism, Renin secretion, Salivary secretion, Vascular smooth muscle contraction, cGMP-PKG signaling pathway 6件: 51, 84, 86, 88, 225, 299 💬
19Selexipag5件: I.v. selexipag; Oral selexipag (uptravi); Selexipag; Selexipag (uptravi); Selexipag, act-293987 (ns-304); 1件: D09994 💬 1件: PTGIR 💬 3件: Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, Platelet activation, Vascular smooth muscle contraction 5件: 51, 70, 84, 86, 88 💬
20Thrombin2件: Diagnostic test: endogenous thrombin potential; Thrombin; 1件: D00090 💬 - - 2件: 86, 88 💬
21Treprostinil39件: Combination product: implantable system for remodulin (treprostinil); Combination product: treprostinil via implanted pump; Cutaneous iontophoresis of treprostinil; Dietanolamina de treprostinilo; Eutonic treprostinil solution; Hypotonictreprostinil solution; Inhaled dry powder treprostinil (liq861); Inhaled treprostinil; Intravenous treprostinil; Intravenous/subcutaneous treprostinil; Iontophoresis of treprostinil; L606 (liposomal treprostinil) inhalation solution 51ug; Liq861 inhaled treprostinil; Oral treprostinil; Oral treprostinil (ut-15c) sustained release tablets; Parenteral remodulin (treprostinil) injection; Rapid dose titration group of subcutaneous treprostinil; Remodulin (treprostinil sodium); Remodulin® (treprostinil) 1 mg/ml solution for infusion; Remodulin® (treprostinil) 10 mg/ml solution for infusion; Remodulin® (treprostinil) 2.5 mg/ml solution for infusion; Remodulin® (treprostinil) 5 mg/ml solution for infusion; Slow dose titration group of subcutaneous treprostinil; Subcutaneous treprostinil; Treprostinil; Treprostinil dietanolamina; Treprostinil diethanolamine; Treprostinil diolamine; Treprostinil inhalation powder; Treprostinil inhalations; Treprostinil injectable product; Treprostinil sodium; Treprostinil sodium for inhalation; Treprostinil sodium solution for inhalation; Treprostinil sodium, ut-15; Treprostinil, ut-15, lrx-15, 15au81, bw a15au, u-62, 840; Treprostinilo; Ut-15c (treprostinil diethanolamine); Ut-15c sr (treprostinil diethanolamine); 1件: D06213 💬 1件: PTGIR 💬 3件: Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, Platelet activation, Vascular smooth muscle contraction 6件: 51, 84, 85, 86, 88, 210 💬
22Warfarin6件: S-warfarin; The generic name is warfarin and many producers will be involved; Warfarin; Warfarin 10 mg; Warfarin sodium; Warfarin+ vitamin k; 3件: D00564
D08682 💬
2件: NQO1, VKORC1 💬 6件: Biosynthesis of cofactors, Fluid shear stress and atherosclerosis, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Metabolic pathways, Pathways in cancer, Ubiquinone and other terpenoid-quinone biosynthesis 11件:  6 ,  8 , 13, 19, 46, 49, 66, 85, 88, 96, 97 💬