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 Data ver. Nov 2019 - Updated on Jun 29, 2020



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    Jun 29, 2020: Drugs and target genes in Target Gene/Pathway of a disease have become limited to those for the diesase. (e.g. Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy)
    Jun 22, 2020: English version has opened.


    DDrare (Database of Drug Development for Rare Diseases) is a database that provides information on drugs developed in clinical trials, and their target genes and pathways, targeting the intractable diseases (mostly rare diseases) designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Japan. A list of disease names in English, including synonyms and subclass names, was created for the diseases of MHLW (333 diseases on Nov 2019). Using the list as a query, data of clinical trials with drug information (DrugBank) was extracted from four major clinical trial registries: JPRN (Japan), ClinicalTrials.gov (US), EU-CTR (Europe), and ChiCTR (China), through WHO-ICTRP website. Information of drug target genes and pathways (KEGG) is associated with the extracted drug information. This enables cross-reference of disease, drug, and target gene/pathway information, to be utilized for drug discovery research, especially for drug repositioning.



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